Why is maintaining the skins pH level, so important?

Have you ever wondered why we say, 'NueBar is pH balanced'?
Let's get back to basics and don't worry, we will keep it as simple as possible.
~ pH is a scale of acid Vs alkaline, where neutral is a level of 7.
~ Your skin is slightly acidic, measuring 4.7-5.75. 
~ In general, water is considered neutral, measuring 7 on the scale.
The pH of your skin is important as your skin has a protective layer which, if out of balance, becomes less protective, resulting in the following symptoms.
Your skin can become:
~ Dry and flaky, too much or too little acid strips the skins natural oils away, drying it out.
~ Prone to acne and other bacteria related breakouts.
~ Inflamed, red and/or itchy.
~ More sensitive and prone to irritation, especially when your skin is exposed to harsh environmental factors such as sun or wind.
Many regular soaps have a pH level of 9-10, which then disrupts the balance of your own skins pH level, increasing the chances or irritation as described above.

Even your shampoo and conditioner can irritate your skin. As you rinse, the product washes over your face, shoulders, neck and back. If your hair products contain harsh chemicals, this will also effect those areas of your skin.

NueBar is NOT SOAP. Formulated by a Naturopath, NueBar has been consciously created with the skins pH level in mind.

If you have been using NueBar shampoo and conditioner, but not sure why your skin is feeling irritated (especially after a cold winter)  maybe it's time to consider  trying the face and body bars, which all follow the same philosophy in their formulation, to balance, restore and support the pH levels of your skin.
We hope you found this helpful on your journey to more comfortable and healthier skin.