We’re chuffed that you want to know more about us.

Katie is a trained Teacher, Naturopath and Herbalist who spent 12 years working for a vitamin company in roles encompassing management, product development, marketing and customer support. She loves to get creative, bushwalk and generally enjoy our beautiful environment (which constantly inspires her to care for it in every way she can).

Kerry (the one in the newsboy cap) is a Typographer, Art Director and lover of small business (this is her fourth, the last one ran for 17 years and sold last year.) In her spare time she is a business mentor at Inspiring Rare Birds, on the fundraising committee of Stepping Out (an organisation for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse) and a keen roller skater.

Together we are a couple and the proud parents of two teenage daughters. We wanted to start a business that was part of the solution, creating products that solve a problem and are made with the utmost love and integrity.

Thank you to these talented people

David Wood - Father
David is my father who died June 21, 2018, three days later we came up with the idea for NueBar. We can’t help feeling he guided us along our journey. An inspirational man, we thank him.

Joe Wickert - Right Hand Guy
Endlessly curious and as bright as a button. Websites, technology, video, drones, editing, 3D models, Joe has all the fun toys, but best of all he cares about what he does. Everyone needs a Joe in their life.

Sara Wickert - Right Hand Gal 
Sara has been our in house accountant for the last 20 years. We have worked together across a number of businesses and start-ups. Without her we wouldn’t be where we are today, plus her and Joe are a couple. Bonus! 

Geoffrey Cuffe - Accountant and Business Advisor
Our long term business and personal accountant and advisor. His expertise, wisdom and kindness is off the richter scale. As with Sara, 
we wouldn’t be where we are today without Geoff.

Mike Rosenbaum - Entrepreneur
Think Mr Bean with a heart as big as an elephant. He’s an expert in e-commerce, start-ups, IPO’s and a wonderful mentor to have when you’re learning so many new skills.

Helen White - Photographer
If you love our photography then you will love Helen. Talented and quirky with a killer kilt kollection. Every photo receives Helen's love and passion, 100%.