Award winning, solid hair, face & body bars

Salon Quality & Naturopath Formulated, hand poured in Australia for all hair types.
Curly Hair Method Approved.

NueBar is Curly Girl Approved
healthy hair
no sulfates, silicones
or parabens
NueBar is Formulated by a Naturopath
made in australia
NueBar is pH balanced
pH balanced
soap free, no residue,

NueBar Award Winners

Find the perfect NueBar for you

Best selling nuebar

no plastic • no soap • no sulfates (sls) • no parabens • no silicones • cruelty free • vegan

Curly girl method approved

Or as we like to call it: 'Curly Human Method Approved'. Our shampoo and conditioner have also picked up swags of awards. So make the most of your curls without comprimising quality or the planet. You can read our blog here.

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