The oceans are the glittering jewel of our planet, abundant with life, radiant with beauty and vital to the wellbeing of life on Earth. Unfortunately they also seem to be the place where a huge amount of our plastics end up, estimated at a staggering 8 million tons a year.

This is why Nuebar have partnered with Tangaroa Blue as our charity of choice. Tangaroa Blue is an Australian registered charity founded in 2004 that coordinates the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI).

Not only does Tangaroa Blue coordinate community clean ups across Australia, it also collects data on the debris and uses this to track and coordinate practical solutions to stop this debris entering the ocean in the first place. For instance strapping bands from the lobster industry used to be a significant contribution to marine litter in WA. After the problem was identified through the AMDI the industry was contacted and eventually a legislative change achieved, banning strapping bands on vessels throughout Western Australia.

Nuebar loves the way that Tangaroa Blue works at all levels of the ocean plastics’ problem and that is why we donate 10% of profits, or 1% of revenue (whichever is greatest) annually to this highly effective and practical organisation.