Give your Hair & Beauty plastics a new life; with us + TerraCycle! 

Do you have old hair and beauty plastic bottles that you need recycled?


Let us help you!


We know that not all hair and beauty packaging is easy to recycle, so we are working with TerraCycle to ensure your beauty waste is recycled, properly!


Sustainability is important to you and us too!
We understand how important sustainability is to you our NueBar family, so we have found a way to support you in ensuring your hair and beauty waste is given a whole new life, rather than ending up as landfill.


How does it work?
Simply bundle your beauty waste into one of our postage boxes (the ones we ship the products to you in) and post it back to us! We will take care of the rest, paying for and ensuring it arrives to TerraCycle safe and sound, to be recycled properly and given a whole new life again.


Please give it a clean first
We do suggest opening the bottles/containers (you may need to cut them open and that’s okay) to scoop the last of the product out. Then give it a good clean with water and dry them out so they are all ready for TerraCycle to do their special recycling thing.


Who is TerraCycle?
TerraCycle gathers this unwanted waste and turns it into new products via its innovative recycling system. They have a specific program for hair and beauty plastics, making it the ideal way to recycle beauty product packaging and containers that aren't recyclable through free programs or kerbside collection.


What do we (and TerraCycle accept)?
- Shampoo & Conditioner bottles and caps
- Hair gel tubes and caps
- Plastic hair spray bottles and triggers (no aerosols unfortunately)
- Hair paste plastic jars and caps
- Lip balm, Lip gloss, Eye shadow & Mascara tubes
- Face soap dispensers and tubes
- Lotion bottles, tubes, dispensers and jars
- Eye liner pencils and cases
- Concealer tubes and sticks

- We recommend putting anything glass into your council recycling to save you on postage!


Where do I send it?

NueBar TerraCycle Program
PO Box 134,
Lawson NSW 2783



If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out at and ask. In the meantime, the planet and we say, Thank you! For working with us in keeping our special home, Mother Earth, Beautiful :) x