Important Update about the NueBar range

As you are no doubt aware, integrity is a very important value to the NueBar brand, which is why we feel it is important to be completely transparent with you, our valued customers.

It recently came to our attention that due to a global supply issue (thank you COVID) one of the ingredients used in the NueBar range may contain traces of Palm derived materials in it.

The ingredient in question is, Brassica Alcohol; a vegetable-based stabilizer, derived from non-gm rapeseed oil. A stabilizer is used to provide structure to the bars. More importantly, Brassica Alcohol offers the benefits of strengthening the hair strand. Being Vegan, biodegradable, palm-oil free and cruelty-free this ingredient was an important choice in the Naturopath formulation of NueBar bars.

Our supplier has informed us that they have reluctantly resorted to using some palm derived raw materials in their brassica alcohol due to a world-wide supply shortage of their usual raw ingredients. Our supplier, an organisation that upholds a reputation for consciously sourced raw ingredients, also assured us that the palm is 100% RSPO Mass Balance certified palm.

Palm oil or palm oil derivatives certified by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) ensure the use of sustainably produced palm oil, which is farmed, processed, distributed and sold responsibly with strict rules that protect animals, the environment and people who live and work in palm oil producing countries. You can read more about their practice here:

Is all Palm Bad?

Palm is a versatile, widely used crop. It yields much oil per land area, making it a desirable choice for high volume applications. However, negative practices within the palm industry have given the plant a bad name. Once again, we maintain our suppliers have assured us, that whilst palm derivatives appear in their brassica alcohol, the palm is 100% RSPO Mass Balance certified palm.

What does this mean for NueBar?

Of course we have searched high and low to see if we can obtain any other brassica alcohol which confidently claim that it does not not contain palm-derived ingredients. For now, we unfortunately haven’t had success as this shortage has effected all suppliers of Brassica Alcohol. We trust our supplier and the integrity that they seek to uphold, that they continue searching for and will provide an alternative solution in the not-too distant future. They have also advised that they expect this shortage to be resolved by mid-2023 at which time Brassica Alcohol will go back to being 100% palm free.

We recognise that NueBar provides a product which many people have come to trust in supporting their hair care and skincare journey, particularly those with curly hair or hair and skin sensitivities. As such we will continue to produce the NueBar range, using the ingredients provided, in trust that it remains responsibly sourced. We will, of course, provide you with any new updates as they come to hand.

We would also like to take this opportunity to Thank you for your continued support of NueBar. Every single day we feel incredibly grateful that we can realise our purpose in bringing this conscious, naturopath formulated range to our customers and support their needs.

If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to reach out via email, we are ready and willing to respond in the best way we can.

Warm Regards,


Renee and Dion Tilley
NueBar Australia
Blue Mountains, NSW