The new economy

At NueBar we decided that we wanted to be a part of the new economy. The economy that cares about the planet, the economy that helps to solve problems, the economy that is reflective of the root meaning of the word, “the art of household management.”

Change is a difficult thing to do, but we are living in a time when change has become imperative to the health of the planet on which we live, not considering the impact of the choices we make is no longer a viable option. To us, our hair and body care products are about doing things just a little differently, a little more consciously, taking small steps towards a brighter future.

By removing plastic packaging, palm oil, chemical irritants, artificial fragrances, animal testing and water from our products and putting in organic, fair trade and vegan ingredients our products are designed to tread lightly on this Earth. And with the use of the very best, well balanced and highly effective active ingredients that green chemistry can offer, you get beautiful personal care products that work just as effectively as the old plastic bottle stuff, without the harshness or the environmental baggage. Change is possible.

With backgrounds in naturopathy, herbal medicine, teaching, mothering, household management, design and marketing we’ve put all our knowledge, creativity and love into developing and offering you Nuebar, we hope you love it as much as we do.