Amazing argan oil - Nuebar

Amazing argan oil

At NueBar we use a plethora of ethical, sustainably sourced ingredients in our products that have been chosen to do a job and do it well. As you wi...

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S is for shampoo - Nuebar

S is for shampoo

On my quest to be plastic-free I started to use shampoo and conditioner bars, soon my shower was full of bars. But once out of their packaging I c...

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Inclusive product design - Nuebar

Inclusive product design

At its core NueBar is designed for body and planet, and we would not live up to this purpose were we to overlook all that inhabit our world. All it...

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Soap vs NueBar - Nuebar

Soap vs NueBar

Soap has a lot of things going for it. It’s inexpensive, keeps you clean, there are some lovely handmade ones around and it doesn’t require plasti...

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The problem with sulfates - Nuebar

The problem with sulfates

Bottom line, if you have been finding a product irritates you, makes your skin feel dry or itchy then you may well want to try one that is sulfate ...

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The ocean needs support - Nuebar

The ocean needs support

This is why Nuebar have partnered with Tangaroa Blue as our charity of choice. Tangaroa Blue is an Australian registered charity founded in 2004 th...

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On becoming producers - Nuebar

On becoming producers

Of course one small business isn’t going to solve this problem alone, just like one individual making choices won’t, but it is starting to feel lik...

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The new economy - Nuebar

The new economy

With backgrounds in naturopathy, herbal medicine, teaching, mothering, household management, design and marketing we’ve put all our knowledge, crea...

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