A new home for NueBar


Same Nourishing Formulas

Same Ethical Values

New Blue Mountains Home

Hello, My name is Renee Tilley. It is with much excitement that we write this announcement, that NueBar has a new home.

In 2021, Katie and Kerry reached out to us, to let us know that they had returned to New Zealand and were looking for a new custodian for their conscious business.

Today, we are thrilled to announce that we are stepping up to support them with that quest. As founders of our very own vegan skincare brand, Paudha Healing we have enjoyed watching Katie and Kerry birth and grow NueBar from its humble beginnings at the Sydney Vegan Markets to what it is today.

What resonated with us the most about NueBar, aside from the quality of their products, is the love, good energy and integrity that Katie and Kerry have injected into their business, carefully moulding the brand and its story to one which truly resonated with us in supporting Vegan, Ethically Made, Environmentally Conscious practices.

I, my husband Dion and daughter Eva live in the Beautiful Blue Mountains of NSW. Supporting people to Nourish their skin and hair with ethically produced, vegan, small batch products is our passion. It is important that through what we do, we remain conscious to support Mother Earth and the living beings we share her with.

We truly hope you find the transition to our ownership as smooth as possible. We have no intention of changing Katie and Kerry’s formulas and we are truly in support of their values in creating the NueBar range. Through our first business Paudha Healing, we have worked hard towards offering a consistent quality of customer service to our conscious clients. In anticipation of adopting the new brand, we have already been working on improving our systems, warehousing and production line so that the transition is as seamless as possible.

We asked Katie and Kerry to write a few words about the transition with new ownership in support of this announcement.

"Kerry and I could not be happier with the match that we have found for NueBar in Renee and Dion. The fact that Renee also has naturopathic and herbal medicine training, makes all of her own products and holds similar values means the alignment really could not get any better!"

Katie Hennah, NueBar founder. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. We are open to conversation and ensuring we can continue supporting you with a brand you have come to love and trust, as we have too. In the meantime, we look forward to getting to know you better as this exciting journey begins.




Renee, Dion and Eva.