Welcome to our Gift Finder for 2021. We have gifts for all types of humans. So stop guessing and gather some inspiration for a gift for the body and the planet. Save time and save plastic from going into the ocean.


Find gifts for all types of peeps


Everybody loves chocolate but there are some peeps that go cuckoo for cocoa. You know the sort, they alternate between making a block last a week, to inhaling it in 5 minutes. And it’s guaranteed they’ll feel strongly about the fridge vs. cupboard debate when it comes to chocolate storage.

We recommend

Our Orange and Cacao Body Wash, it smells like chocolate because it is made from Rainforest alliance certified organic cacao butter. So fresh we carve the solid butter by hand with a chisel.

Our Body Wash is guaranteed to send chocoholics into a frenzy.

Our beautiful 100% Organic Cacao Body Moisturiser. It’s deeply hydrating, soothing and nourishing, and smells so much like chocolate, it may seriously confuse a chocoholic.

PS: Make sure to remind your chocoholic loved one that these bars aren’t edible.


Coffee Addicts

We all know a coffee snob, (I’m one myself) the one who will spend top dollar on a cup and who knows where the Arabica bean is from and the type of soil used to create its magic. They only eat coffee ice cream, coffee chocolate and they have an oddly large collection of different coffee-making apparatus.

We recommend

Our Coffee Exfoliant Bars are made from freshly roasted, single origin Arabica coffee grounds that we collect from our local café after they have used to make a brew. The scent of our coffee bar is divine and the scrub, invigorating.

This scrub will no doubt please the fussiest of coffee snobs. Go on give it a (double) shot!

Curly Humans

Some people have curls the rest of us can only dream of having. Did you know that there’s a cult global movement called The Curly Girl Method (CGM) to help curlies reduce frizz and maximise curl health.

We recommend

Our range of shampoo and conditioners are all Curly Girl Method Approved and one of the few bars worldwide to have the tick of approval. Our Shampoo for Curly or Dry Hair and the Conditioner all types are the go to products.

Your curly friend will love you forever.

Curly girl method approved

The restored - Nuebar

The restored

Curly or Dry Hair & Skin Bundle

$54.40 $68.00

The restored - plus - Nuebar

The restored - plus

Curly or Dry Hair & Skin Bundle plus Drainer

$65.60 $82.00

The Kris Kringle

Kris Kringle, you either love it or hate it. Regardless, you have been tasked with finding a gift for under $20 for someone in the office. You know them a little, but it's a hard task to not reach for a bottle of wine and call it a day

We recommend

Take a sickie. Joking. Here’s a list of sweet eco gifts under 20 bucks. Our diatomite drainers, tins and travel kits are perfect gifts that your Kris Kringle assignee is sure to get use out of without re-gifting.

Well done you, take the rest of the day off.

Kris Kringle

Mini Sample Bundle

Mini Sample Bundle

$40.95 $45.50

Travellers & Nomads

Getaway Gary (or Gina) is always hiking, camping, glamping or exploring. Their Instagram feed is a full of their adventures and their photos always look great. So what gift would be perfect for them?

We recommend

Our pocket size Travels Kits contain a mini shampoo and conditioner that will last about 2 weeks and completely eradicate the risk of unfortunate backpack liquid mishaps. Unfortunately, when you buy this gift, be prepared for even more instagram spam of the great outdoors while you're stuck at work.

Travel kits and Travel Bundles

Eco Warriors

You know the type, caring and considered peeps who never forget their reusable bags, who always have a spare metal straw to share with you and who always have best tips for living a more sustainable life.

We recommend

They will love anything from the NueBar range. Naturopath formulated, plastic free, vegan, certified palm oil free, and that’s only a few of the sustainable values that we align with.

All products

Mini Sample Bundle

Mini Sample Bundle

$40.95 $45.50




The balanced - Nuebar

The balanced

Oily Hair & Skin Bundle

$54.40 $68.00

The balanced - plus - Nuebar

The balanced - plus

Oily Skin & Hair Bundle plus drainer

$65.60 $82.00

The everyday - Nuebar

The everyday

Normal Hair & Skin Bundle

$52.00 $65.00

The everyday - plus - Nuebar

The everyday - plus

Normal Skin & Hair Bundle plus drainer

$63.20 $79.00