How do I get the longest life from my NueBar?

NueBar will have a good long life if treated well. They last longer when kept well drained and dry between use. Here's a few tips to achieve that:

1. Dont leave sitting in a soggy pool of water or in a spot that is constantly being splashed by water whenever the shower is on.

2. Place your bar on a draining dish to dry, one that provides good airflow all around the bar. We sell drainers that provides great airflow.

3. Consider keeping your NueBar out of the shower. Place your drainer on a dry bench and just take them in as you use them.

3. When you are travelling with NueBar, make sure you either air dry or pat dry bars with a towel before placing in a dry travel container or wrapping in a face cloth. If your bar is not completely dry when you leave that's OK, just make sure to open up the container to allow the product to dry further when you arrive at your destination.

As NueBar starts to reach the end of its life and get very thin, it will begin to break into smaller pieces. To help you use those last bits of bar, NueBar has introduced our bitsbags, these cotton mesh drawstring bags, letter coded S, C and W help you to make good use of of these last little bits, talk about zero waste. 

NueBar may look small but they pack a punch. One full bar of NueBar shampoo will last around 80-90 washes (depending upon hair quantity) when looked after carefully.