Curly girl approved

At NueBar we don’t use any sulfates, silicones or ethanol-based alcohols in any of our products, which means that they all meet the ‘Curly Girl’ method ingredient standards. Before we go any further, of course men, woman and boys can use this method too.

But don’t just take our word for it, you can test our ingredients at

Curlsbot is an independent online ingredient analyser. It's super simple to use.

    1. Click on any NueBar product on our website and you will find a full ingredient list 
    2. Copy the ingredients
    3. Paste the ingredients into, and bingo.

Best nuebar shampoo for curly hair

Our Dry/Damaged Shampoo Bar is especially fabulous for curls, as we have loaded it up with deeply hydrating Organic Argan Oil, Organic Cacao Butter and extra conditioning material to really moisturise as you wash. Although it contains conditioning agents as well as washing agents we don’t claim it as a shampoo/conditioner in one as we don’t believe these processes can properly happen simultaneously. The conditioners are just there to provide balance to the formula and extra moisturising. If you normally condition (which we recommend all curlies do) then we recommend one of our conditioning bars.

Conditioner, co-wash and no-poo

Our Conditioning bars use a unique, Canola-based conditioning agent* combined with plenty of nourishing oils, like Organic Coconut or Olive Oil, Organic Cacao Butter, Olive Oil extracts and Vitamin B5.

They also have a light cleansing action, this means that as well as using them as an after wash conditioner, they can also be used as a stand-alone, hydrating co-wash in between or instead of shampoo based washes.
In fact we have some customers who essentially use the ‘No-Poo method, but occasionally incorporate a mild wash with our conditioner bar about once a fortnight (or less) just to give a very mild cleanse without any stripping.

The difference between out two conditioners is that the 'All Hair Types' uses Coconut Oil as it’s primary moisturising oil (which has a great affinity for penetrating the hair shaft) and includes essential oils of Orange and Grapefruit for a light uplifting scent.
Our Fragrance Free Conditioner is designed for sensitive folks who prefer not to use any essential oils and it uses Olive Oil as the primary moisturising oil. This is good for those people who aren’t so fond of Coconut Oil (as wonderful as Coconut Oil is, it’s not for everyone).

A word on alcohol

I thought I would also explain a little about alcohol, which is one of the ingredients that Curly Girl Method advises against because it is extremely drying. It gets a little confusing because you do find the word alcohol on our ingredient list. However the alcohol that they are referring to is ethanol-based alcohol.

There is a whole other category of alcohols in cosmetic chemistry, which are actually completely different from ethanol-based alcohol both in terms of chemical structure and effect. These are the fatty alcohols and they are actually moisturising and good for the skin and hair. The most common ones are Cetyl and Cetearyl Alcohol (but most forms of these contain palm oil). The one that we use is Brassica Alcohol, which is from Canola Oil. You will find this information reinforced when you use the 'curlsbot' tool.

Use lots of water

When using bars to wash curly hair remember that bars contain no water. This means that you need to add the water back yourself. Bottled shampoo or conditioner is around 80-90% water (shocking I know, but true). Very wet hair and a nice wet bar and hands will assist the process.

Shampoo bar use

For most people we recommend rubbing our shampoo bars directly onto wet hair, but for very curly hair types you may prefer to lather the bar up in your hands first and then distribute the lather through your locks using whatever Curly Girl distribution method you prefer. Play around and work out what best suits you.

 Conditioning bar use

With the Conditioning bar I recommend smoothing a wet bar directly on to your very wet hair and covering all of the areas that you want to reach. Do this gently and remember you don’t need as much as you think. Feel for the change in texture of the hair as you do this. When you feel the hair go from rough to smooth you know that you have coated your hair in the conditioning agent. You don’t need any more, the conditioner is on and doing it's job. Ensure that all of the hair is coated by distributing it though with comb like fingers, removing any tangles as you go and then allow it to soak in. If you want a deeper condition leave it in on for longer (up to 30 minutes is ideal for a deep conditioning treatment) but one to two minutes will give a good general condition if you are in a hurry.
Good luck discovering the world of plastic packaging free hair care. 

Oh, and if you have no idea what the Curly Girl method is then a quick Google search will sort you out. For more information on the ‘Curly Girl’ method there are a multitude of YouTube videos and blogs online, but for the ultimate guide check out the book that started it all – Curly Girl The Handbook’ by Lorraine Massey.


*Our conditioning agent, Behenamidopropyl Dimethylamine has great eco credentials, has been extensively studied and shows superior sensorial profile, improved combing force reductions on hair and colour protecting effects. To read the independent scientific paper on this ingredient follow the link  International Journal of Cosmetic Science, Volume 32, Issue 4, August 2010.